Invoices, Forms, Catalog & Newsletter

Business Items

Artistic Edition Designs has many years of experience working on invoice design, forms, newsletters and catalogs.

Business Invoices for JBC – Julie Bartkey Communications

The client wanted an invoice design that she could edit electronically herself. I designed this invoice in Microsoft Word to give her the freedom to fill it out electronically instead of by hand. Because this was done in Microsoft Word I could only personalize the header and footer which was created in Photoshop. I then imported those pieces into Microsoft Word. When it came to the body of the invoice I needed to find a font that was not only complimentary to the header and footer, but it also needed to be universal so when she sends an invoice electronically the font doesn’t change the design or flow of this piece.

New Customer Forms for The Quiltworks

I have designed account applications for new customers for The Quiltworks. It incorporates all the information the accounting department needs for new customers. It was designed in Adobe InDesign.

Newsletters for The Quiltworks

I have designed over 130 monthly newsletters for The Quiltworks. That’s over 11 years of monthly newsletters under my belt. I solely designed the layout every month in Adobe InDesign. If a vendor didn’t have a printable image available for their products that we were featuring that month, I would either scan or take a picture of their product to incorporate it into the newsletter. This newsletter was budgeted so you will notice that part of this newsletter is black and white and part of it is color. I worked with a professional printing company every month to print the newsletter.

Catalogs for The Quiltworks

I solely designed catalogs in Adobe InDesign for The Quiltworks. The catalog was designed for quilt shop owners to use when ordering notions and fabric for their quilt shops. To help quilt shop owners even more I incorporated thread color charts that were provided by the thread companies. I worked with a professional printing company to print and bind this catalog.